Before I became a massage therapist I had lost the ability to walk.

Ethan and Chaim Costa Rica hammock 2004

The crippling condition was a consequence of cumulative damage from too many collisions with cars during my years of crisscrossing North America by bicycle.

My complete recovery was made possible by excellent body-work, which was a revelation of the power of touch that I experienced as miraculous.


This inspired me to learn Structural Integration and study dozens of other body working techniques including some that are based in psycho-therapy and movement techniques.

These varieties have blended into an ensemble allowing unique approaches organized around what you want or need.

Since there are so many ways of accomplishing the same outcomes, varying the massage to meet the situation at hand seems best.


Besides professional training the two aspects of my life that have been indispensable to my professional development are the body work I have received and the massage I have given.

I originally learned massage from my father. Among the many benefits of that are growing up being comfortable touching others and knowing I could make others feel better by touching them. Since then I have had the fortune of working with some world class body-centered therapists in the fields of massage, movement and psychotherapy.

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I have the blessing of over 40,000 hours of hands-on experience. I have worked on thousands of bodies and on some for over three decades. I have gained so much from you who have worked with me. If I could take my present knowledge and begin again, I would because there is so much more to explore.

Cats Eye

And briefly, my wife is Elly and my son is Ethan Orion. I am from Oregon. I have degrees in psychology and English plus a Master degree of Counseling Psychology. I have been a writer, an editor, dabbled in various arts all my life, worked as a carpenter, developed property, and been a counselor. I have backpacked and bicycle toured extensively. Presently I walk to and from work, practice hatha yoga daily, and do surf ski kayaking when I can. And yes I curate a very large collection of African art consisting of paintings and ebony carvings.

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