Off-Planet travelers arrive and depart from the Inter-Galactic Transport Center.

Welcome to the Martian Intergalactic Transport Center

From the Inter-Galactic Transport Center you will shuttle to  Planetary Transport Central

near Metro Mars. Mars Central Ground Transport


All electric power is presently derived from the Apocalyptic Nuclear Complex.



The Planetary Transport Center is the gateway to visit Mars ruins like the House of the Ancestors.

Martian Ruins


The Great Pyramids of Mars.


All Giza Pyramids
All Giza Pyramids

The Great Wall of Mars.

-great-wall_of Mars


Metro Mars itself is only 30 earth minutes from Transport Central.



Because of the low gravity kiteboarding is popular on Mars

Martian Sailboard Shop


We at 22nd Century Realty are proud of our central office from which you may engage in virtual tours

of our properties across the cosmos.

Martian Center


On Mars we are currently offering this beautiful 3600 square-foot ranch house recently completed.

Martian Ranch Home


Unfortunately on Mars as elsewhere people organize protests against development.

Save Our Sand Demonstration


Fortunately enthusiasm for immigration continues. In just the past year the First Mosque of Mars has been completed.

First Mosque of Mars